Professor of Medicine
Stanford University

Dr. Gardner holds a PhD in Nutrition Science and is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford. He has served on numerous committees, including the Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association and currently on the scientific advisory board of the Culinary Institute of America. Over the past 20+ years, he has conducted more than a dozen human nutrition trials and has examined the potential health benefits of dietary components such as soy, garlic, antioxidants, ginkgo, omega-3 fats, and vegetarian diets. All of these studies have involved extensive collection of dietary assessment data. He recently completed a 12-month weight loss diet study among 609 overweight and obese adults, a total of over 5,500 24-hour diet recalls were administered using NDS-R. Dr. Gardner’s research group recently created, tested, and published the results from a study testing a smart-phone app designed to promote and track vegetable consumption.

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