Our digital toolkit helps you implement diet assessment, goal setting, behavior change, and diet tracking. Use Preferred modules or use the whole suite.

Flexible Modules for Custom Deployments


Streamline intake with our 2-minute image-based assessment. It’s as precise as a days-long food diary or 2-hour Food Frequency Questionnaire, but far more fun.

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ideal diet

Pinpoint a personal goal diet, and get a custom blueprint for achieving it.

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Provide daily support to reach health goals using our nutrition behavior change solution, which guides your population through objective, sequential, and progressive daily micro-challenges. Add optional navigation if you want to help you population succeed, but don’t have the time or resources for daily hand-holding. Diet ID’s navigation tool is based on the globally deployed Foodstand Challenges platform, which was acquired by Diet ID in 2019.



Track the progress of diet quality over time without detailed food logging or calorie counting.


HIPAA compliant * SOC2 Certified * White-labeled


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treat Diet as a vital sign

Assess patient diet quality to save time and improve outcomes

Assess diet while your patients are in the waiting room. Provide daily guidance between appointments.



profile and improve population health

Save time and money on risk assessments.

Provide personalized guidance to a better diet with daily micro-challenges and team support.



USE IN Research

Studies that assess diet run the risk of incomplete FFQs/Diet Logs, high participant dropout rates, and recall error. Save time and money with Diet ID’s fast and easy to use comprehensive dietary assessment tool. Flexible and customizable, it is designed to quickly generate relevant nutrition assessment data and simplify your research study.