Diet ID. Because diet is a vital sign.

We wouldn’t dream of managing hypertension without measuring blood pressure, and the cuff is the best tool for the job. Diet is the most potent predictor of health outcomes, so it needs to be managed. Since we can only manage what we measure, we need a tool that: 1. measures diet quickly and accurately, and 2. manages diet conveniently and effectively.

Diet ID measures and manages your population’s diet.

Traditionally, we measure (assess) diet by recording food intake, then analyzing the results. While straightforward, such methods (questionnaires, food photo journals, calorie counting, dietitian interviews), are tedious, time-consuming, and inaccurate. Diet ID is a whole new way to assess diet.

Rather than track every item eaten, Diet ID prompts the user to view a series of food images, each representing unique diet patterns. After choosing the best match, users then indicate diet preferences and enter biometric data. Within a minute, your population will receive their own Diet ID -- a unique diet “fingerprint,” indicating type and quality level. That information tells us a lot about nutrition -- where we are, and where we need to go.

Diet ID empowers your population to take meaningful steps towards better eating, resulting in improved health. Our goal is to help people add years to life and life to years. Our solution does just that.